Joe Kopel was coming off of four years of college, two bands and trying to figure out what to do with his life. Working as a grocery delivery driver, he began taking in the news as it came to him through the internet media, not processing it in any responsible, rational way, except to try and make folk songs out of it. Then, growing tired of folk songs, to make rock n roll out of it. His first record under his name, Topics, finds him navigating a world of technological paranoia, mundane tasks and the moral ambiguity of millennial life. Throughout the record, he pleads with Christian deities and legends of American music, such as Tom T Hall and Elvis, who offer a mixed bag of comfort and confusion. Kopel’s music elastically morphs between longing acoustic pieces and electric ballads. He seems to be seeking some kind of release in a language that is personal, sometimes dark and often humorous. He lives in Minneapolis.